anti ageing treatment in Mumbai




  • BTL’s Exilis is the latest aesthetic device in the market for non-invasive circumferential reduction and Skin Tightening. Exilis’s all in one system utilizes a combination of Monopolar Radiofrequency (RF), Ultrasonic Energy and Advanced Cooling simultaneously to deliver more energy over a shorter period of time. The patients can be treated quicker than ever before, with no need for anesthesia, no downtime and best of all no pain! Exilis provides fast and effective wrinkle reduction with visible results often after the first session.
  • Exilis delivers lasting and measurable results in this breakthrough non-surgical aesthetic system. All areas can be easily treated and improved. Exilis also complements pre and post treatment in invasive liposuction techniques.


Dermalift is a revolutionary new facial system for lifting, toning and firming of the aging facial tissue, by way of direct micro-currents on the skin.

The lower frequency setting enables the micro-current to penetrate deeply through the skin to the dermis level, reaching the muscle fibre and stimulating the facial lymph nodes. The high frequency setting enables the current to act superficially, to stimulate the epidermis and improve the condition and texture of the skin

Facial Contouring

This is a specialized field wherein we use BOTOX and Fillers to enhance your facial curvatures which may have been compromized by volume loss, weight gain on ageing. The results last for upto 1-2 years and are close to dramatic.

Hand Rejuvenation

Ageing dramatically affects the hands. They loose volume and skin tends to become dry, giving the hands a dull, unhealthy appearance. In the olden era, hence women would most often been seen wearing fancy gloves. But now it is time to say goodbye to the gloves. The hand volume and moisture can be replaced by using Fillers (Voluma, Juvederm, Refine) depending upon the extent of volume loss, Radiofrequency – Exilis, to tighten the superficial skin and Peels to rejuvenate or restore the skin color and to eliminate age spots.

Neck Rejuvenation

Most people concentrate on anti-ageing procedures for the face, completely ignoring the Neck or hide Neck Bands by wearing cowl necks or high-necked attire. But it is now time to flaunt the slender neck. Signs of ageing on the neck can be effectively countered by using BOTOX, Fillers (Juvederm, Refine, Restylane vital) and Radiofrequency – Exilis for skin tightening. One can get rid of warts and / or age spots on the neck by using QSwitch (Helios) laser, thus giving it a smoother and healthier look.