ULTRAcel Lifting

ULTRAcel is the latest skin lifting technology that is used worldwide for Skin Tightening Treatment. It allows use of three Skin Lifting technologies in an optimal combination, as per the Skin type, age, condition. It uses Grid RF, Needle RF and HIFU (Ultrasound) to not only treat the skin layers but also the underlying SMAS to stimulate the production of Collagen and provide best in class ‘lifting effects’. This revolutionary system takes non-invasive skin lifting and skin tightening treatment to an advance level which otherwise was only possible by surgical procedures. The system enables us to individualize the treatment for each patient.

This procedure is perfect for skin tightening and lifting areas under the Chin, Neck, Jawline, Brow, elbows and thighs. It’s a No-Downtime procedure with no side effects and long lasting Anti-Ageing results.

Exilis Radio Frequency

BTL’s Exilis is the latest aesthetic device in the market for non-invasive Circumferential Reduction and Skin Tightening Treatments. Exilis’s all in one system utilizes a combination of Monopolar Radiofrequency (RF), Ultrasonic Energy and Advanced Cooling simultaneously to deliver more energy over a shorter period of time. The patients can be treated quicker than ever before, with no need for anesthesia, no downtime and best of all no pain! Exilis provides fast and effective wrinkle reduction with visible results often after the first session.

Exilis delivers lasting and measurable Skin Tightening results in this breakthrough non-surgical Anti-Ageing aesthetic system. All body areas can be easily treated for Skin Tightening and provide long lasting Anti-Ageing looks. Exilis also complements pre and post Skin Tightening treatment in invasive liposuction techniques.


Cellulite is a condition caused by a number of complex factors that victimizes fat tissue close to the surface of the skin. It often results in a rippled or dimpled appearance that is difficult to improve, even with a good weight loss plan that might include diet and exercise.

Mesotherapy stimulates the mesoderm (mid-dermis), or middle layer of skin, with microinjections of conventional medication and/or vitamins to deliver treatment to a specific area of the body with Cellulite. Mesotherapy uses different injection techniques according to the patient's concerns, delivering the ingredients to different depths but typically quite shallow: 4-6mm. Many of these are not even felt as the skin is pinched prior to and during the injections. Since the injections are very superficial, they disperse very slowly and travel down to deeper tissues. For some cases, mechanical or manual lymphatic massage or ultrasound may be recommended and combined with mesotherapy.

These Anti-Ageing Treatments are usually a course of ten sessions for fat and cellulite reduction and six sessions for skin rejuvenation, given once a week. The patient is then assessed to determine an on-going anti-ageing program of maintenance. In some cases, a further full course of treatment may be recommended.

Ultra Lipo

UltraLipo system is an effective UltraSound technology that provides long lasting Anti-Ageing treatment by acting on the skin surface. It provides the required skin tightening and cavitation and gives “real “ Anti-Ageing results in terms of cellulite and localized adiposity. UltraLipo is able to gently and safely eliminate centimeters of belly, buttocks, hips and thighs without any side effects! Manual drainage with a massage or with a specific device as vacuum, presso massage or electro stimulation helps to improve and maintain the final result. This treatment is also sometimes combined with other Skin Tightening Treatments to provide optimal results.


CoolTech is a permanent fat-reducing treatment for the body. The CoolTech technology works by the process of cryolipolysis, in which fat cells are frozen by a controlled cooling system – overall a reduction of fat cells is achieved.The method is non-invasive, safe and effective and the visible result is so significant that CoolTech is compared to liposuction – just without surgery.The benefits of CoolTech are the visible result after just one treatment and the fact that it is barely painless and requires no recovery.CoolTech is a much more gentle treatment than liposuction and it is particularly effective on areas that have proved stubborn – no matter what you do. It is also an ideal treatment if you have specific wishes about fat loss in a particular area. The effect of the CoolTech technology is clinically proven, based on over 1,000,000 treatments – with a customer satisfaction rate of more than 90%.

With CoolTech you can obtain a reduction of fat deposits in different areas of the body – up to 25%. We can treat the abdominal area, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees and the lower buttocks.Because CoolTech triggers an internal reaction and affects the deeper layers of fat, the body needs time to clean up the tissue and transport the dead fat cells away. After approx. 4 weeks you can see part of the result and after 12 weeks you can see the final result. After 6-8 weeks you can repeat the treatment on the same area.A CoolTech treatment lasts 60-70 minutes and requires no anesthesia. The CoolTech applicator sucks the fat tissue into its cooling system by a vacuum pressure and through a controlled freezing process the targeted fat cells are destroyed. The dead cells are then removed and excreted through the body’s lymphatic system.The vacuum pressure can feel like a tightness in the tissue, but the technology is gentle on the skin and generally generates limited genes.

During the treatment you can relax, read or work and there is no recovery period. We recommend that our customers wear comfortable clothes after the treatment since the area can feel a little sore. You can continue your day as normal without taking any special precautions.For the best results, the treatment should be adapted to you and your body. Therefore, it is important that you book a free consultation at the clinic. Our professional staff will evaluate your particular issue and give you a qualified estimate on how many treatments you will need to reach the goals of your wishes. It is quite individual how many treatments are needed, but we always start a course with thorough consultation.